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    As of June 2012, the copyright and branding of Sonic X in America was passed onto Saban Brand's Kidsco Media Ventures following 4Kids Entertainment's bankruptcy due to a lawsuit. [2] Despite this, the show did not receive significant differences from 4Kids Entertainment's changes.

    Sonic X received mixed reviews. Generally, writers criticized its American localization and some characters, but praised its story and aesthetics. The series was popular in the United States, though less so in its native Japan. The show's merchandise included an edutainment video game for the Leapster , a trading card game , a comic book series featuring an original storyline, and various toys and other items. The phrase "gotta go fast", the title of the show's North American theme song, survived as a Sonic catchphrase for over a decade after the show's initial release.

    Amy was first seen in the Tornado 2 with Tails trying to save Sonic as he attacked Eggman's headquarters to save Cream and Cheese, and retrieve the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman. After the plane's engine caught on fire, she and Tails were saved by Knuckles and ended up on Earth because of Chaos Control . [6] Amy herself ended up in the sewers of Station Square along with Knuckles , almost exasperated for the uncomfortable team up; the two clash with Eggman 's E-23 Missile Wrist in an attempt to save Tails and Christopher Thorndyke , and then joined in the fray by Sonic, who arrived in time to save the day. After that, Amy joined Sonic, Tails, and Cream at Chris' house to live there for the time being. [7]

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