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    In August 2013, Vice 's music blog, Thump, premiered the video for "Cut Me Up". Shot in Los Angeles, the video is a character vignette of a fictional gang of skaters named the Stanton Warriors. Much has been made over its presentation of the role reversal position of the city's gang problem . It premiered on MTV in September. [3] The video was directed by Edward John Drake . [4]

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    Rise Underground is the remix version of the album Rise , containing 18 remixes of her tracks recorded for Rise .

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    The Meters : A Message From The Meters: The Complete Josie, Reprise & Warner Brothers Singles 1968-1977 (2CD) (Real Gone Music)

    Spitkingdom were also the team behind the legendary Hip Hop London weekly SpitkingdomHQ @Herbal in Shoreditch between 2004 and 2007, which saw a wealth of artists perform, such as The Mixologists, Killa Kela, Skelectrik, Trip, Rookwood, Spider J, and DJ Martello, and special guests including Andy C, Whookid (50 Cent), Goldie, Artful Dodger, Dynamite, Nicky Blackmarket , Cash Money, Kool Herc, Chase & Status , Scratch Perverts, and Stanton Warriors.

    Stanton’s are hitting the North American trail hard this March with another extensive tour of US and Canada. Click here for more details

    Stanton Warriors Remixes PromoStanton Warriors Remixes PromoStanton Warriors Remixes PromoStanton Warriors Remixes Promo