Vrtra - my bones hold a stillness

    Seriously, great list. I love your site. Of any site on any subject matter online, yours is the one I come back to nearly every day, since ~2012 when I first discovered it.

    VRTRA slowly creep their way into the meat and bones of  “ Perpetually Hag Ridden.” Cue creepy guitars and bass. Enter the thunderous pounding of hammers against the earth’s soil. Insert serpentine, raspy vocals matched in turn with the dark chanting of long-forgotten hymns to what exists beyond the darkness. Even as the blast beats fire up and the vocals alternate between hissing curses against humanity and a demonic bellow, VRTRA aren’t ones to be satisfied with staying in one particular dimension of sound. They’re absolutely comfortable with turning the tables – and the listener’s anticipation of what to expect – upside down. Eventually, the fevered assault breaks pace, which gives way to a subdued, melancholy passage that spirals into a landslide of monstrous, terraforming riffs.

    VRTRA - My Bones Hold A StillnessVRTRA - My Bones Hold A StillnessVRTRA - My Bones Hold A StillnessVRTRA - My Bones Hold A Stillness